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Established 1946
Zeiler's  Market
Welcome to the Zeiler's  Market Web page.  From here you can learn about our store, what we do here, and what products we have to offer.  We also hope to bring to you any upcoming events, or specials that we have going on.  There will be articles added regularly about products from the world of beer, wine, and liquor.  We have a chat room and a feed back page so that our friends, and customers can share there thoughts, and opinions about things going on in the store, or maybe a new wine that they tried. 
We are one of the largest liquor stores in the state of Michigan.  Our selection is HUGE!  If we don't have it, and it is available in Michigan, we'll get it for you. For more information, check out our BEER & LIQUOR page. 
Our store has a full line of groceries, produce, and a deli.  Our deli is run by my lovely wife, Robin Zeiler.  We feature the worlds best Broasted Chicken, subs, lunch meat, soups, and salads.  We also offer full service catering.
You can check out our Auto Racing page to see what some of our friends are doing, or check out our picture page for some real laughs.
You may have noticed that there are some links at the bottom.  These are some of our associates that we think you would benefit by visiting.  This site will be updated regularly, so try to check us out as often as you can.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you soon.
Bill Zeiler
This page was last updated: April 6, 2015
Party Store
Sorry Boys BBQ
Let us plan your wedding, party or event!  We have been in the business for over 60 years helping others get that party started.  We can connect you with the right professionals and help coordinate your next event be it a wedding of 100 to a corporate party of 1000.  Contact Bill for more information.
6925 Lewis Avenue - Temperance, Michigan 48182

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